Top Replica Cartier Pasha 41mm Automatic WSPA0009 Watch

Part of Cartier replica watch ‘s strategy is to stop producing watches while they are still popular, only to reintroduce them in a new form a few years later. It did this with its many iconic models and performed an admirable task to make the old things new again. Pasha replica watch is Cartier’s latest design and received a new treatment.

Replica WSPA0009 “Pasha de Cartier” 41WSPA0009 Watch

Admittedly, Pasha replica watch is not for everyone. As far as masculinity is concerned, it has always been one of the “soft” luxury replica sports watches. It may be stronger than Ballon Bleu’s masculine outline, but Pasha represents the more elegant side of men’s sports watch design, and despite this, it is not boring. In my opinion, the reason Pasha has caused the preference of many contemporary men is the “bar-style” lugs commonly found on women’s watches today.

In addition to the new 41mm wide Cartier Pasha replica watches version, the brand also introduced a new 35mm wide female version. Most 41 mm wide watches are made of steel with matching bracelets, but 18k yellow and rose gold replica watches are also available.

Pasha has a width of 41 mm, which feels good when worn, but the lugs and relatively wide bezel make the watch a bit smaller. The case can be water-resistant to 100 meters, which is worth mentioning, because the entire design of the watch is reminiscent of the early case waterproof system. Before the development of screw-in crowns, some top replica watches used screw-in crowns to form a seal around the crown. There is no doubt that this is a concept borrowed from the cafeteria. When viewed from the side, Cartier Pasha replica watches does look like a stylish little flask.

Although the Cartier Pasha dial does not meet everyone’s taste, it is different and effective. Obviously, Cartier replica watches has a template that needs to be used, so no one wants any novelty in the dial department. To this end, Cartier will point you to the direction of the above-mentioned Pasha hollow dial version, because the way it does so is faithful to Pasha’s dial design DNA. The silver-plated dial is engraved with a light texture in the style of the guilloché machine.

The Pasha dial is a square aesthetic use inside a round case. The dial is round, but the center is dominated by a solid square. This will obviously affect Pasha’s design. The design of the hour markers and blue hands, although it is difficult to feel that Cartier replica watches UScannot make the hands a little longer or wider to achieve good measurement results. To make the dial feel less flat, hour markers at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock are posted on the dial.