Luxury Cartier Santos Skeleton ADLC “Noctambule” Replica Watch With Luminescent Skeletonized Caliber

Cartier Santos Skeleton Skeleton ADLC “Noctambule” cheap replica watch is equipped with a luminous skeleton movement and adopts a “large” size. The case diameter is 39.8 mm, and the size between the lugs is 47.5 mm-US Cartier replica watch’s measurement results for the latter are highly praised because it is really important in terms of wear resistance. Noctambule’s shell is 9.8mm thick, thanks in part to the curved profile of the Santos shell.

The three-piece case is made of Cartier replica watches stainless steel coated with ADLC-amorphous diamond-like carbon, which is more scratch resistant than traditional PVD coatings. A deep and smooth black polished line runs along the upper profile of the Santos case, while the sides and top of the case have a clear brushed surface.The huge crown guard is an interesting element on the skeletonized luxury replica watch, as is the black crown with blue spinel.

Cartier replica watches adds luster to the Santos Skeleton ADLC Noctambule by lighting the upper bridge of the watch. It needs a very powerful light source to charge Noctambule’s black Super-LumiNova, but once processed, it will glow in a relatively bright blue-green tone. Vinyl is hardly used because it is one of the luminescent materials with the shortest luminescence time and the darkest luminescence.

Noctambule comes with a QuickSwitch simple strap replacement system. A short video presentation is embedded above. It also packs an extra strap in the box so that the owner can actually use the system.The AAA replica watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and a black and gray alligator leather strap is provided.