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Cartier Santos Galbée XL Replica Watches

Cartier Santos Galbée XL Replica Watches

Just as RJ ended my debate with respect for Mr. and Mrs. Santos, I will also start my debate with respect for DATEJUST. It has been in Rolex replica catalog for a long time, and the brand can modernize while maintaining its original charm. Its Jubilee bracelet is a true classic bracelet and indeed one of the best and most comfortable bracelets ever designed, especially with a hidden buckle. Although I fully agree that the Rolex internal 3135 movement is superior to the Cartier Santos Galbée XL Replica Watches internal ETA movement, I still want to say that the mother of all modern watches is Santos, not DATEJUST.

You may already know this story, so I won’t take up too much space here, but the inspiration of Cartier Santos Galbée XL Replica Watch comes from one of the earliest replica watches made, Cartier Santos Dumont in 1904. It was designed for Luis Cartier’s friend Alberto Santos Dumont, who was one of the first pilots. He hoped to know the time without removing his hand from the control device during flight, so the first watch was born. Over the years, Cartier Santos replica has many different versions, but the square frame on this bracelet is my favorite.

The mother of modern watches is square!

This bracelet may not be as clear as a Rolex replica Jubilee watch, but it is still one of the most comfortable bracelets in my collection. When it comes to the hidden buckle, there is not even a logo that interrupts its design at any time. When people try on my Santos, they even ask how to open the bracelet and where to open it. This is what I call hiding! Its curved connection perfectly matches the curved design of the square housing. Combined with the unique Roman numerals on the dial, I really think this is a landmark design.

In fact, I expected it to be so iconic that I wanted to save it for a special occasion. To be honest, I don’t think I will wear this watch on any particular day, but for some reason, its design works under any circumstances. Roman numerals make it fashionable enough for more formal occasions, and all steel watch cases and bracelets make it sporty enough for leisure days. Of course, you can say the same about the date, but I think the square Santos is a more primitive choice.

Elegant and effortless

And, most importantly, it’s a more elegant choice, especially compared to the bulky updated lugs of 116234. In addition, Rolex designers can try to provide dates with any change in Roman numerals they want, but I still think they should be left to Cartier Santos Galbée XL Replica Watch is doing better! I must admit that platinum bezels like DATEJUST are very beautiful, but nothing can match the screws on Santos bezels and bracelets. In terms of alignment, they are everywhere, but for me, this imperfection adds to the elegance of France. The date is perfect.

A flaw in the eyes of some people may be the magnifying glass of DATEJUST. I must admit that I like it very much. This is the feature of Rolex and DATEJUST. It is certainly better than the very careless date window on my Santos shoes. But I would regard it as another strange French shortcoming. When I was wearing Santos shoes, I didn’t notice it, but of course I could not use it.

So, who will you vote for in the showdown this Sunday morning? Will you choose RJ’s perfect Rolex DATEJUST 116234 or Cartier Santos Galbée XL Replica Watches? We’d love to hear why you voted for one of them in the comments below!

Cartier Santos de Cartier Replica Watches

Cartier Santos de Cartier Replica Watches

The cartier replica watches “Santos”, born in 1904, was reinterpreted at the 2018 sihh Geneva replica watch show. The arc design of the new case improves the wearing comfort, and the vision of the mirror polished bezel is more avant-garde and younger.

The iconic square case and screw decoration of “Santos” are still classic elements. The white dial, together with black Arabic numeral time scale and blue steel pointer,Cartier Santos de Cartier Replica Watch has excellent readability. The details of the replica watch ring are slightly adjusted – the square watch ring extends to both sides along the arc contour of the watch ear, which is visually connected with the watch chain naturally. The comparison of polishing and wire drawing texture especially highlights the contour of the watch ring.

The short film shows a new male three needle watch “Santos de Cartier replica watches”, with a case size of 47.5 × 39.8mm, with a calendar window at 6 o’clock on the dial. Equipped with its own 1847 MC automatic chain movement, the escapement mechanism is made of antimagnetic nickel phosphorus components to ensure the travel time accuracy of the replica watch. Waterproof 100 meters.

As the first timing device specially designed for wrist wear, Santos replica series‘ pursuit of wearing comfort has been continued in the new work – the “quickswitch” quick replacement system is hidden under the strap and chain, and the strap can be easily removed and replaced from the ear by gently pressing the button on the back of the strap; The metal watch chain also uses the “SmartLink” patented adjustment system. Press the button of the chain link to remove the screw connecting the watch chain, and easily remove or install the chain link to adjust the length of the watch chain.

New Cartier Santos Replica watches

New Cartier Santos Replica watches

Cartier Santos Replica watches

When Cartier replica watches released the previous generation of “Santos 100” replica series in 2004, it was the centenary of the pioneer of replica watch design. I also measured the Santos 100 on a blogtowatch a few years ago, and I still love that watch. But let’s put the past aside. Today’s focus is on the new “Santos de Cartier” large model launched by replica Cartier in early 2022. Cartier replica hopes that the new Santos will be launched soon after its launch (such a move is rare in the watch industry), and its early sales feedback is quite gratifying. The Santos in this article is w2sa0006, with two colors (fine steel and 18K gold) and a large 39.8mm case (the smaller 35.1mm version is also available in the new Santos).

In this article, I will also show the comparison between the New Cartier Santos Replica watches and its predecessor, which is the uncommon limited edition Santos 100 w200728g. What’s special is that when most of the other Santos 100 models only have a leather strap, Cartier has a metal chain for it. I find the comparison between the two generations very interesting because you can see the similarities and differences clearly.

Let me first summarize the main features of Santos 2021: first of all, its case and chain are thinner (compared with the previous large-size watches, such as Santos 100 large), which will make some users feel more comfortable. The new book also introduces a new design of bezel. Although this is not a particularly significant change, it also gives the new book a unique visual style. The 2022 Santos replica watch is equipped with a self-made automatic winding movement, and the biggest highlights of the new work are the fast chain / strap replacement system (called “quickswitch” by Cartier) and the metal chain adjustment system “SmartLink” without tool assistance. Both are designed to allow users to quickly and easily adjust the watch chain (as long as you have nails) without using any tools.

Santos large model made a good impression on me. Some people think that smaller models are also suitable for men, but I’m sure most Santos 35.1mm models in the western market are sold to women. In addition to size, another major difference between the large and small Santos is the date window (the large one has it and the small one doesn’t).

Cartier replica completely changed Santos’ iconic square bezel in 2021. The new design is no longer square. Its upper and lower parts are slightly extended to visually connect the case and strap. In the previous generation Santos 100, the ear / chain was larger and wider than now. Both Santos have progressive watch chains that go from wide to narrow (which is good). The old Santos 100 is 23mm Wide at the link to the case, while the new Santos large is 21mm wide.

I’d like to spend more time talking about the replica watch chain, because it’s not only the main part of the new watch, but also a part worth focusing on. In my opinion, the watch chains of the two generations of Santos are comparable. In fact, Cartier has not really “replaced” the previous generation of replica Santos 100 with the new model (even though the old model has been discontinued technically). The brand just adds some new ideas to Santos series, and such new works have more opportunities to gain the first chance in the current complex luxury watch market competition.

Of course, the previous representative chain is not equipped with the 2018 version of quickswitch and SmartLink new systems. Cartier replica watch comes with a metal chain and a brown leather strap, which is very smart. Due to the patented connection system, users can’t buy the watch from the spare parts market. They can only buy the original strap from the official channel of the brand. Although Cartier’s accessories are expensive, their quality is quite reliable, so it is not a problem.

Luxury Cartier Released Santos Watches Introduce With QuickSwitch & SmartLink Systems Replica Watches

In 2018, Cartier replica watches launched the latest Santos de Cartier series. The simple square bezel no longer exists, but instead includes a tapered bezel that extends to the lugs to provide a slender appearance without compromising the square shape of the dial. However, the real star of this show is what Cartier calls the “QuickSwitch” and “SmartLink” bracelet system.

Replica Santos Watches With QuickSwitch & SmartLink Systems

The series is inspired by the collaboration between the famous Brazilian aeronautical engineer Alberto Santos-Dumont and the brand. Complaining about the difficulty of checking pocket watches in flight, Louis Cartier replica watche US set out to create what the brand called the “first purpose-driven watch” in 1904, adding a thin leather strap with a small buckle for this purpose. Since then, pilot cheap replica watches have come a long way. Although it is difficult to compare the Santos de Cartier series with any modern version of “traditional” pilot watches, the update is very suitable for modern environments, and I personally think it is the The series provides much-needed renovations.

The luxury Santos de Cartier replica watch has a variety of flavors-all-steel suits, two-tone steel and gold, all-gold and rose gold suits. The size in each case is 39.8mm and the thickness is 9mm. Although some people may say this is a bit thick for dress watches, I think the updated tapered corners will help sliding under the cuffs. The bezel retains its familiar 8 screws, but brand fans will immediately notice the slight change in its shape – Cartier replica replaces the solid square bezel, making the corners tapered to flow into the lugs, almost concealing the bracelet and watch Fracture of the shell.To make the best replica watch more attractive, the lines are not so sharp and the dial frame is also nice.

Santos de Cartier top replica watch has two dial variations. The first is a traditional slightly refined white dial with Roman numeral indexes and a date at 6 o’clock. The change of this AAA replica watch uses the Cartier 1847 movement. The second one is hollowed out and uses the 9611-MC movement to “float” inside the oversized Roman numeral frame. This is my favorite because it embodies Cartier’s design DNA out of the box. Due to the screw-in crown design, the waterproof rating of each watch is as high as 100m.

On Hands of AAA Cartier Santos Replica Watches For 2018

Cartier replica watches US positions the Santos series as one of its main highlights in 2018. An updated version of one of the most famous square case watches of all time was released, which was born in the baby watch era in the early 20th century. The Santos collection in 2018 brought many exciting new things to one of cheap Cartier replica’s most important watch series, and it was also a new reason for interest in truly classic AAA replica watches.

Santos has several styles and two sizes of top replica watch cases. Cartier replica watches prepared 35.1mm wide, 41.9mm lugs to lugs and 8.83mm thick “medium” Santos for women, then 39.8mm wide, 47.5mm lugs to lugs and 9.08mm thick “big” Santos , This is what most men would like. In addition to the difference in case size, another difference between the medium and large Santos case is the date window on the dial. The dial of the smaller model does not exist and is located at the 6 o’clock position of the dial of the larger model.

The Santos case has been completely redesigned by Cartier replica. Regarding the updated Santos, the most notable thing is how much it has been reduced. From an engineering point of view, the new model is obviously more impressive, and the thinner size means that Santos is once again an excellent dress cheap replica watch choice for men.

Cartier fake watches is waterproof to 100m, and now has the antimagnetic performance of Santos. Although this has more to do with the case than the case. Devotees of Santos watches will immediately see that even though the overall appearance of the 2018 Santos is similar to the previous version, there are still many changes. Perhaps the most obvious visual effect is the baffle. It is no longer completely square, but now has “lips” on the top and bottom, which are designed to visually connect the bezel to the bracelet design.