Best Cartier Santos De Cartier Skeleton Replica Watch In Steel

The decoration of the Cartier Santos De Cartier Skeleton best replica watches has two very interesting details, including the brushed surface and the way the entire side of the dial reflects the color of the ambient light. Of course, this phenomenon is not a new phenomenon, but it is worth mentioning here.

This top replica watch feels heavy and flat, so although it fits well on the wrist, from the movement, it is obviously versatile and therefore has a small caliber. See how close everything is together. Cartier replica watches US is very clever about this, so they can use this layout in much smaller watches, albeit with a resized bridge. I think that the influence of such a huge case has lagging behind in the past, and brands including Cartier replica watch’s own Haute Horlogerie department can make absolutely huge and crazy complicated watches. This movement, even in the form of this skeleton, will look neater and have less metallic luster around it.

The 9611 MC Cartier movement in the luxury replica watch skeleton is based on the 96xx MC series movement. Just take a look at the 9602 MC and you will see that the layout of the keyless works, gear transmission mechanism, jewelry, screws, etc. are exactly the same. Although the dial side of this particular movement is equipped with a big date function, the back cover looks the same.

All in all, this is indeed a bold way to dress Santos. This case is a “large” case-Cartier replica is related to the size definition of clothing inspiration. In this case, “large” refers to a case that is 39.8 mm wide and 9.08 mm thick-the lug to lug must be more than 50 mm, which is indeed a lot of space, or should I say “large” Footprint. The pointer remains small and exquisite. The 9611 MC movement has an impressive 70-hour power reserve, so I think it should also have torque to carry larger hands.